Pruss certificates

System orientierted approach

By recognizing, understanding, managing and steering the processes, which are also interdependent, we achieve an efficient overall result.


Involving people

People are the foundation of the organisation. The total involvement of people within our organisation and people in the organisations we deal with (customers, suppliers, authorities etc.) creates our greatest possible advantage.


Pragmatic approach to decision-making

Logical and intuitive analyses of data and information are the foundation of our decisions.


Supplier relationships for mutual benefit

We maintain intensive contact with our activeand potential suppliers to exploit mutual advantages.


The eight principles of our quality policy


Customer orientation

We exist for our customers and want to fulfil and exceed their current and future requirements.



The company's Management Board sets the quality goals. The Management Board creates an organisational structure to meet the requirements of our business. This takes the abilities and affinities of the staff into account.


Continual improvement

Continual improvement is a fixed component of our foremost corporate policy.


Process-oriented approach

The activities (people) and resources (mschinery, materials) comprise together the process chaines and cycles. The whole is managed and steered as a process. That is our path to achieve our goals.