When producing energy, high pressures and temperatures of media like gas or water are important components of the overall system. PRUSS products are efficient components that can be individually customised for your application in the power station sector. We have the right solution for every application.

Steam-boiler plants



Oil-and gas control valve


Feed water

Feed water control valve

Feed water start-up control valve


Steam boilers

Pegging steam control valve

Boiler start-up control valve

Steam blow-off control valves

Water injection valve

Motive steam cooler

Steam reducing valve

Steam conversion valve

Condensation discharge control valve


Boiler protection

High-pressure bypass station with

   motive steam coolers

Gas turbines


Gas package

Gas quick-action valve

Gas valve with quick-action function


Oil package

Oil quick-action valve

Oil valve with quick-action function


Deionised water products

Deionised water control valve



Steam turbines


Turbine inlets

Steam quick-action valve

Turbine inlet control valve



Turbine bleeder valve

Steam extraction valve


Shaft sealing

Sealing steam control valve


Turbine protection

•  LP quick release valve

HP-bypass- station