Die Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH is a specialist in gas fittings
Worldwide, there are more than 2,000 gas valves for the regulation and safeguarding of gas power turbines. Compressors. Oxygen plants. Steel mills and steelworks in action. Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH in Hanover has also been a supplier of building services technology for many years. All industrial and heating fittings are developed at the factory in Hanover and are produced on modern production lines in accordance with the strictest, self-imposed quality requirements.

Die Hannemann & Pruss GmbH is the specialist for steam fittings
The company has introduced many regulatory innovations in power station development. The
active development work in the 1950s led to patents, whose unique selling points are still influencing the fitting technology in Hannemann valves to this day. From the feed water control to the turbine bypass station with safety equipment, all applications in the steam power station are controlled safely. Hannemann & Pruss GmbH operates from Solingen as a global sales and service centre. The development and production of fittings is effected centrally from the production site in Hanover. 

Pruss Armaturen AG in Hanover manufactures industrial and heating fittings

Pruss Armaturen AG with head office in Hanover was formed in 1999 from Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH and Hannemann GmbH. Both individual companies have been making fittings for years for energy technology and plant engineering.

The amalgamation brings together two power station specialists with their own core expertise in a mutual market. Pruss Armaturen AG handles the central processes like controlling and


The company: PRUSS AG